Personally Fit COVID-19 Info

  • May 1, 2020
  • To: Patients and Members of Personally Fit, Inc.
  • From: Jim and Doris Flood, Owners of Personally Fit, Inc.

Dear Personally Fit Family;

We hope this note finds you safe and healthy while sheltering in place. We are fortunate that we have experienced no illness at Personally Fit (that we know of) and continue our limited operations at this time. In a nutshell, here is how we are functioning:

  1. We are seeing patients for one-hour appointments on a staggered schedule so that no patients contact other patients. For example, three therapists working, one starting at 7:00am, the next at 7:15am and the last at 7:30am. All therapy is completed one on one with your therapist, including exercise, and we are practicing social distancing while in the clinic. All staff are wearing masks and disinfecting all surfaces before and after use. If you are having any issues that would benefit from PT, now is a great time to start care. Telehealth programs one- on-one with your PT are also available if you need guidance but are not able to come in for therapy.
  2. Carrie and Megan and Sean are seeing personal training clients one on one in the classroom. Carrie is working Tuesday, Thursday pm and Saturday. Megan is working Wednesday and Friday. Sean is working Monday and Thursday am. They are not using the gym space but completing programs within that area. The Pilates Reformer and other equipment are in that space for their exclusive use. At this time, using our personal training staff is a great way to get some exercise with skilled supervision and guidance with your fitness plan. Our trainers can also provide guidance through video conferencing if you prefer.
  3. The Fitness Center is set to re-open at Stage Three in Governor Newsom’s plan. He mentioned that he felt this was months, not weeks, away in his recent news conference. We will keep you updated about our plans to re-open, which will likely include restrictions on the number of people in the facility to exercise and the number attending classes. We will have new policies for sanitation in place with re-opening.
  4. Finally, we want you to know that we do see a future for Personally Fit. We are looking toward the future, hopeful that federal loans and state programs will support our business until we can resume normal operations. We miss you all. Be well.

Jim and Doris Flood
and the Staff at Personally Fit