Fitness FAQ

Can I stop my membership at any time I want?

Yes. Personally Fit has no long term membership contracts, so you can stop your membership at any time. Please note that pre-payments of future dues are non-refundable.

If I skip coming for a few days for vacation, do I still have to pay?

Yes. Personally Fit does not offer breaks in membership due to vacation or business travel. The only acceptable reason for a break in membership payments is for medical reasons, requiring a note from your physician stating that you are unable to participate in an exercise program.

Can I come to the gym as many times as I want in any given week/month?

Yes. Our full membership package allows our members to use our facilities as often as you want. If you have a class only membership, you are welcome to participate in as many fitness classes as you want. There are no usage limits.

Can I bring a friend/guest with me to work out?

Due to covid-19 limitations, we can no longer allow guests to join members during their reservations.

What is the Membership Initiation Fee?

Personally Fit charges a one time membership initiation fee upon start-up of your membership. The normal fee is $125 and includes three (3) half hour gym orientation sessions with a personal trainer. These orientation sessions will help to familiarize you with your facility and our equipment. For new members who have a little more experience in a fitness gym, we also have an express start-up for $75. The express start-up includes one gym orientation session. Our Class only start-up fee is $50, for those members who are planning on attending our exercise classes only.

Do I need to supply my own equipment?

No. Personally Fit has a complete line of strength and conditioning equipment available for our members to use.

Do you supply towels for workouts and showers?

Yes. Personally Fit supplies both workout and shower towels for our members to use.

Do I need to bring a swipe card to check in to the facility?

At this point, Personally Fit does not have magnetic swipe cards for our members to use upon check in. We do require all members, and guests of members, to sign in at the front desk upon entry.

If I have a problem operating/setting a machine up, do you have people available to assist me?

Yes. Personally Fit does have a friendly and professional staff that is always willing to help you set up or operate our equipment.

How much is personal training?

Each member receives 1 to 3 personal training sessions included with their membership initiation fee. The cost for additional personal training varies slightly from trainer to trainer depending on your personal needs. Please check with our front desk staff or one of our trainers for additional information on personal training costs.

Is there a membership discounts for my spouse?

Yes. Personally Fit does offer a discount for couples dues. Please see our Member page for rates.

What is Med-X?

Through years of research, the MedX Lumbar machine was developed, proven and perfected to restore function, improve strength, and eliminate pain in the back. Please see a complete description of Personally Fit’s Med-X program on our Services Page.

Is there an additional cost for the Med-X or is the use of it included in my membership dues?

The use of the Med-X machine is not included in regular dues. Personally Fit charges a separate fee for the Med-X program. Please see a complete description of Personally Fit’s Med-X program and fees on our Services Page.