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About Personally Fit

Fitness & Physical Therapy

Personally Fit, Inc. is a fitness and physical therapy facility serving residents of North County San Diego since 2001. Our business is established to provide both high quality physical therapy and professional fitness services to our clients. The physical therapy practice serves a wide range of patient diagnoses, with a staff of experienced, licensed physical therapists, led by owners Jim Flood, MS PT and Doris Flood, MS PT, who have been practicing in this community for over thirty years. Our fitness services include a state of the art gym, featuring user-friendly fitness machines and rehabilitation-oriented equipment. Our staff of experienced personal trainers are college-educated with degrees in exercise science, working effectively with all ages and abilities. Our unique classes have a distinct rehabilitation flavor, catering to the mature adult focused on maintaining an independent, healthy lifestyle.

The concept for our business is to provide quality care from injury to wellness, and everything in-between.

Vision Statement

To help people remain healthy and independent throughout their lives, with a focus on the customer in everything that we do.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our community with a personal approach to health, from injury to wellness and everything in-between. "One patient…One Client…One repetition at a time..."