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Frequently Asked Questions

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The following is a list of frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, please call (858) 485-6706 or email us at jflood@personallyfitonline.com

Physical Therapy FAQ

Here is a summary of how your first appointment will look:

  • Arrive 20 minutes before your appointment time; which will give you ample time to fill out your new hire paperwork.
  • Bring your doctor referral, if you have one. If you are a cash-pay patient, please inform us when you make your initial appointment.
  • Bring a copy of your insurance card and driver’s license.
  • One of our physical therapists will perform a 60 minute initial evaluation.
  • Some of the items you may discuss with your therapist are as follows:
    1. History of medical conditions.
    2. Any injuries or issues you currently have.
    3. How much pain you are enduring; including what is aggravating it and what eases the problem. 
    4. Whether or not this injury limits you in any daily activities? 
    5. Physical therapy related goals.
    6. Previous (or current) procedures, surgeries, tests or medications you have had.
  • The physical therapist will then perform some tests, including (but not limited to) the following:
    1. Palpation – Physical therapist touching around the location of the injury. This is done to check for the presence of tenderness, swelling, soft tissue integrity, tissue temperature, inflammation, etc.
    2. Range of Motion (ROM) – Moving the joints and limbs around will help check for movement restrictions.
    3. Muscle Strength– Various tests can be done to see how strong, or weak, the muscles are. This is also part of a neurological screening.
    4. Neurological Testing – The physical therapist may do various testing to see how various nerves are communicating with your body. Reflex tests may be part of this as well. 
    5. Core Tests – The physical therapists may test various parts of your core to see if there are any deficiencies in this part of your body.
    6. Posture Assessment – A deep dive into your posture may be something the physical therapist will want to look at.

Once the evaluation is done, the physical therapist will summarize any of the issues you may be facing.  They will then formulate a game plan which will lay out the upcoming weeks of treatments. This will likely include how often they want you to come in and for how many weeks. This plan will be created with various inputs, including your doctor and you. 

Be sure to bring the following:

  • Referral from your doctor (if you have one).
  • Insurance card (if you are paying with insurance) and driver’s license.
  • If you are covered by auto insurance or an attorney lien, be sure you bring this information.
  • If you are covered by Worker’s Compensation, you should bring your case managers contact information along with your claim number. 

Ideally, you would wear loose-fitting clothing so that the injured area can be exposed during the evaluation. For instance, if you have a calf injury, you should wear shorts. If you have an elbow injury, you should wear a short sleeve shirt. 

The treatment sessions will be in between 30 minutes and 60 minutes per visit.

This is dependent upon a variety of factors, including (but not limited to):

  • What you injured
  • How severe the injury is
  • Surgical vs. non-surgical
  • Whether or not this a recurring injury

Some patients need months of care, multiple times per week and others are shorter term. Our therapists will perform “re-evaluations” each month or so, to ensure you are getting tested regularly and improving. 

The majority of Americans are suffering from some type of pain. This could be a singular episode or could be more chronic, research has revealed that it is a significant issue in our country. 

Physical therapists are unique as they are able to both treat the injured area, but also the source of the pain; which will hopefully limit any recurrences from happening down the road. They specialize in finding the source and strengthening all of the areas to ensure you get healthy and get back to all of the things you love to do. 


Physical therapists help diagnose pain and also the source of the pain. They put together a game plan to strengthen your body to limit the injury from coming back. 

While a doctor may just look at your injury and prescribe medicine or rest, the physical therapist takes a proactive approach; figuring out how he/she can strengthen your body to help you heal.  They will look at everything from posture and core strength to gait and muscular deficiencies. 

You may be referred to physical therapy because you have pain, are recovering from an injury (or surgery) or dealing with some other bodily weakness or injury.  You could have a hard time moving or doing simple activities throughout the day. Our physical therapists treat both the injury and the site of the injury to restore your ability to live normally and as pain free as possible. 
For the most part, we see patients who are covered by health insurance, worker’s compensation, Medicare, or the patients pay out of pocket. 

Your initial evaluation will be done by one of our highly skilled physical therapists. Pending on scheduling, your injury, etc…, you may also work with one of our licenses physical therapist assistants. Our clinic is extremely team oriented and thus your quality of care will always be high; regardless who you see. 

Our goal is to improve our patients’ health as quickly as possible, in the most responsible way as possible.  We do not take shortcuts and do our best to ensure the patient does not have additional pain during or after their session.  That being said, we are testing bodily limitations and strengthening various muscle groups. As we try to help the body heal and get stronger there can be some pain associated with therapy.  Our therapists are highly trained to keep an open line of communication with our patients to ensure each patient feels comfortable and like everyone is on the same page. 

For some patients, massage may be part of your treatment sessions.

Our physical therapists will put together a comprehensive plan which may include this aspect of therapy. Typically the reasons massage is used are: Pain relief, tight muscle relaxation, facilitate venous return from a swollen area. 

Pain returning is not uncommon. If you have a “flare-up,” give us a call. There a variety of paths we can go down, including having you come back in, seeing your doctor, or just modifying/changing some daily activities or exercise. 

Typically it is your choice regarding the physical therapist and the physical therapy clinic.  If you are using insurance, you may have choices dictated by that. If you have a particular therapist in mind,  you may certainly request him or her when you schedule your first appointment. 

Yes, you may come directly to our clinic to be treated for physical therapy for either 45 days or 12 visits, whichever comes first.  

Medicare falls into a separate category, in which you should go to your doctor first to get a referral. 

Physical therapy billing services are similar to what happens when you visit a doctor’s office.


Assuming you are using insurance, our office will bill your insurance company or Worker’s compensation, based on the Common Procedure Terminology (CPT) codes  — determined by your therapist.  The codes are communicated to the payer; at which point they process the information and makes a payment per the agreed upon fee schedule. 

The patient and physical therapy clinic will receive the Explanation of Benefits (EOB), along with a check for payment and balance due for the patient.  The patient then pays the remaining balance. 

This is a generic summary, but please note that every case is a bit different. We are contracted with a a very reputable billing company, who will work directly with our patients for any discrepancies as it relates to billing. 


The answer is simple and convoluted the same time: It Depends!

Your therapist will communicate with you any exercises you may need to do. This could be in home or at the gym.  Some will be done completely. Our therapists will do our best to ensure you are well-equipped for “post physical therapy life!”

All of our therapists, whether it be a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant are licensed, and legally credentialed to practice in the state of California. 

There are a lot of options to consider when you are choosing a physical therapy clinic: 

  • Find out how long the pt session is. You want to be working with a therapist for at least 30 minutes.
  • Are the therapists all legally credentialed and licensed?
  • The initial evaluation should be 60 minutes.
  • Look at their online reviews. Do they have good customer service?
  • Are their hours of operation conducive to what you are looking for?
  • Are they located in a convenient location to you?
  • How much manual therapy do they do? Are you just hooked up to various machines or is the therapist actually working with you?
  • Ask around. Family and friends are great resources to find a clinic. 

Fitness FAQ


Our company no longer does not have long term membership contracts so you may cancel it at any time.  Please note, that pre-payments of future dues are non-refundable.

Yes! There are no breaks or discounts in membership due to lack of use, even if you are out of town. 

If you have a medical reason in which you cannot use the facility, please consult with our front desk staff and we will work with you. You must have a note from your physician as well. 


No, there is no maximum! You may come as many times as you wish if you are part of our “advanced membership.”

For those that have “class only” packages, you may come to as many classes as you wish. 

As of right now, our gym space is still limited due to Covid-19; so unfortunately no guests are allowed to join you. 

No. Personally Fit has everything you will need from both a strength and conditioning standpoint. 

Yes. Personally Fit has the ability to supply both shower and workout towels for our members’ use.  

At this point, Personally Fit does not require cards or otherwise to gain access to our gym.  We will check you in at the front desk however. 

Yes!  Personally Fit has a number of friendly, helpful, professional staff members that are always willing to help you operate equipment and get set up in a safe manner. 

We have several staff members that offer personal training – each of which have different rates. To learn more, please contact our front desk. 

Yes! Please see our rates at the front desk for all membership pricing. 

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